SwiMP3 Waterproof Music



This rather clever waterproof MP3 player gives you quality underwater sound without ear buds as it uses bone conduction audio transmission. The device holds approximately 500 songs, or 30 hours of music. It comes from a company that has been at the forefront of underwater music players and have been making them for ages. Build quality is good for a waterproof player too.

Waterfi Waterproof MP3 Player Swim Kit – Slate


We like this a lot. Waterfi has produced this swim kit which has been designed to house the 4th Generation iPod Shuffle. The idea is that you get a state of the art case and a Shuffle too for your money. It boasts dual layer waterproofing technology and uses a proprietary two-step process to make the Shuffle shockproof, waterproof, and corrosion-proof. The first step fills the Shuffle with a rubbery, waterproof and shockproof insulator that forms a thick and protective barrier around all the sensitive electronic components on the inside of the device. With the shuffle completely filled, the second layer is applied to enhance the waterproofing and to protect the shuffle from threatening chemicals in environments such as oceans, pools, baths, or hot tubs. You can obviously use iTunes to load your favourite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks, and it picks up your playlists too. The 2GB memory allows you to store approximately 500 songs. The only downside is that you don’t get a warranty from Apple, but you’ll need to rely on Waterfi

Speedo AquaBeat 2.0 Underwater 4GB MP3


The swimwear company has been in the MP3 market for a while now and this compact underwater MP3 player can be clipped to your swimwear or goggles.TheAquabeat also floats if you drop it in the water. It works well and is pretty competitively priced for a 4 Gig player. on the downside though you have to work hard to ensure that the earphones stay in place.

Exeze Rider Waterproof MP3 Player


Another goggle friendly model this is a small waterproof MP3 Player. The earphones come with ear loops and a partly twirled anti tangle earphone cord long enough to allow fastening the MP3 player in waist height if you want to attach it to your trunks. The earbuds are different sizes and exchangeable to fit all ear sizes. Some users have suggested that the Exeze is a breeze to use and fits snugly on the goggles. Others have suggested that the earphones aren’t the best. But what do you expect for £40?

EGOMAN MD190 MP3 Player


This is a fairly highly specified player as it comes with an FM radio and four gigabytes of storage which will store up to 960 songs in either the MP3 or WMA format. It has a sleek design and is easy to fit on to goggles. We have however heard mixed reports as to how listenable the FM radio is when used underwater. Still a good overall package.