• ODM services

In the creation of brand at the same time, is also committed to provide professional ODM service, our company has a complete product research and development, production assembly, mold manufacturing, injection molding, marketing services of professional industrial chain of products, we can real-time, effective and fast provides innovative solutions for customer needs, we are not in the traditional career forms to provide service for the customer, have many years of professional design, research and development team and the design of the well-known enterprises at home and abroad to cooperate with the accumulation of experience, has broad market and design resources, the characteristics of domestic and international market of thorough and objective understanding.As the computer peripheral brand, we can stand in the enterprise and the whole industry chain is highly innovative thinking, the market strategy and research that attaches great importance to the product development.We have been trying to assist customers to improve their various factors in product development decision-making from the height of strategy and planning, and become an indispensable partner of all major enterprises.

  • Original design

The innovation structure solution transforms the design concept into the final product. The strength of the team of structural engineers is crucial to the innovation of design.The design solution focuses on effective and effective, which requires comprehensive consideration of end-user requirements, enterprise business strategy and objectives, and technical feasibility.Market researchers, industrial designers, design engineers and production support engineer will together with customers and realize the technology innovation and bring new user experience, the decision to select the correct solution, to achieve the balance of the best in innovation, investment and return with innovative design solutions to form a strong technical barriers, and lead to competitive advantage and realize the market value!
The customer can achieve the actual benefit through our efficient work and professional industrial design ability, shorten the work flow.Efficient, innovative, advanced project management to shorten product development time, to ensure that the product listed and mass production on time, very stressed to streamline processes, emphasis on staff’s execution, to ensure that meet customer quickly.Dedicated to the innovation and technical contribution of computer peripherals and disk storage solutions, continuous customer service and commitment to the best partners.