Product inspection is divided into pre-production inspection, during production inspection and pre-shipment inspection.

Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-production inspection is to be conducted at the beginning of production or even before the start of manufacturing.

Our duties
■Check the raw materials and components used in production;
■Sample and test semi-finished products to detect potential defects;
■Evaluate the quality system of the production line;
■Assess the management and ability of production equipments;
■Assess the production capacity of the manufacturer;
■Provide technical advice to the factory to improve product quality and minimize defects;
■Assess production schedule.

Your benefits
Find existent and potential problems before mass production to avoid unnecessary loss. Ensure consistence of product specification and production schedule.

During Production Inspection

During-production inspection is to be conducted when 10%-15% of the production is completed.

Our duties
■Sample and evaluate the products for safety, performance, design, function and appearance;
■Check for any defects and deviation from clients’ specifications and/or given samples;
■Evaluate the packing methods and packing material;
■Check and evaluate the quality management of production line;
■ Evaluate the production progress against the schedule and predict if the shipment is on schedule;
■Give practical and effective advices to improve quality in accordance of the findings.

Your benefits
It is suitable for control of the production quality during the mass production. Ensure that the progress, production cycle and the quality meet clients’ requirements through as early as possible discovering and processing the quality problems.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection takes place when the merchandise is finished, packed and ready for shipment. Sampling is implemented in accordance with the internationally recognized acceptance sampling standards, e.g. ISO2859/ANSI/ASQCZ1.4 /BS6001/DIN40080/NFX06-022, etc.

Our duties
■Check quantity, accessories, assortment, labeling, shipping mark, etc. against the purchase order, given samples and technical documents;
■Sample and evaluate product for safety, design, function, appearance, and performance;
■Check for any defects and deviation against the technical standards or requirements;
■Assess packaging form.

Your benefits
It is the final inspection with which you are be able to decide to accept the batch/lot of the merchandise or not.